23  december 2016

Forum Group has provided a land plot free of charge for the construction of a professional hockey arena in Solnechny - a new Ekaterinburg district. The agreement to that effect was signed by Yevgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast and Oleg Cherepanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Forum Group, and President of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Ice Hockey Federation.

The signing ceremony took place during the official ceremony of  laying the foundation stone of the future arena. Forum Group is  going to build the arena by the end of 2018. The new sports  complex is going to be fully compliant with the NHL standards:  there are going to be two rinks (the big and the small one), a hall  with synthetic ice, fitness rooms and a hall for competitive  sports. The territory of the object will also feature a boarding  school hotel for underage hockey players that will be able to  host up to 60 young sportsmen.  At the moment, there are no  similar sports objects yet in Ekaterinburg.

It is worth noting that Forum Group already has the experience of building a world-class professional sports object. It was this developer that constructed the famous Datsyuk Arena   that opened in the center of Ekaterinburg in 2016. However,   according to Oleg Cherepanov, “the new arena is going to be at a   larger scale in terms of construction volume.”

Oleg Cherepanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Forum   Group, and President of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Ice Hockey   Federation: “This is an essentially new project that is going to be   different from Datsyuk Arena. And it’s not only about two arenas   at the venue. One of the most important things I’d like to   emphasize is the boarding school hotel for young hockey players. The point is, at the moment children are moving to hockey boarding schools in other regions - Chelyabinsk, Ufa; we are losing gifted sportsmen this way. When the new arena is built, the boarding school will be able to host up to 60 children. It’s two full hockey teams. I am confident that this is a huge step forward for the whole Sverdlovsk Oblast and for further successful development of the hockey sport.”

Forum Group Holding organizes all development processes:  selecting the land plot, financing the project, developing the  concept,  organizing design and construction, comprehensive real  estate management. The company’s key projects include: Raduga  Park Shopping and Entertainment Center, Tikhvin Club House,  luxury premium brands shopping gallery and the gallery on  Radishcheva street, Solnechny district, Mechta, Olkhovsky Park and  Pribrezhny residential complexes.