10 february 2017

The Urban Council of Ekaterinburg has approved the concept of Forum City. As a reminder: Forum City is a complex that Forum Group is planning to build at the previous location of the old Central Market, between the streets of Sakko i Vantsetti, Radishcheva, Sheinkmana and Tsentralny Rynok lane.

The project developed by LEVS architects & planners firm was  positively received by most participants of the Urban Council.   The striking architectural idea that is going to define the shape of  this block was highly appreciated. The transition from the  traditional closed-perimeter development to the combination of  residential towers of different heights and volumes was  considered to be a total advantage. The idea of creating a public  space of a new format in this block deserved special unanimous  approval.

Sergey Myamin, Deputy Director General, Forum Group CJSC: “I  have a very positive view of the results of the Urban Council.  This was a professional discussion. I haven’t heard a single  opinion to the effect that this volumetric urban development concept was not interesting. At the same time, some comments on how this project could be transformed were shared - regarding its functions and its facades. These were very professional comments; we will certainly address them at the next stages of design.”

For reference:
Forum City is a complex that Forum Group is planning to build  between the streets of Sakko i Vantsetti, Radishcheva,  Sheinkmana  and Tsentralny Rynok lane. The total construction  area of the Forum City project is 106,000 sq.m., including  residential area of 50,000 sq.m. and commercial area of 8,000  sq.m. The complex is going to include 9 buildings from 7 to 32  storeys high; the tallest one is going to reach 100 meters. A  two-level underground parking lot is part of the design. The  company is planning to complete the project in 4.5 years after the  beginning of construction.

Forum Group Holding organizes all development processes:  selecting the land plot, financing the project, developing the  concept, organizing design and construction, comprehensive real estate management. The company’s key projects include: Raduga Park Shopping and Entertainment Center, Tikhvin Club House, luxury premium brands shopping gallery and the gallery on Radishcheva street, Solnechny district, Mechta, Olkhovsky Park and Pribrezhny residential complexes.