Forum Group participated in EXPO BUILD 2016 construction exhibition

20 july 2016

Forum Group was awarded a certificate for the introduction of a innovative approach in the implementation of a comprehensive area-development project in the Solnechny district.
The Solnechny district is built on the south side of Ekaterinburg and represents one of the largest city-area development projects over the last few years.

The novelty of the approach to construction in the Solnechny is that Forum Group functions as a general developer: the holding invites building companies on a competitive basis and creates conditions for their operation on site.
“We run the engineering infrastructure, obtain approvals for land lots. Instead of spending resources on land acquisitions and solution of other technical issues, which is usually the case, contractors can direct all their efforts at constructing buildings. Competition stimulates the appearance of solutions interesting to buyers in terms of their layouts, yard options, and price offers as well as a serious attitude to quality,” stated Sergey Vorobiev, Forum Group CEO.

Currently, there are three partner building companies involved at the Solnechny site. They include Brusnika, Victoria Group, and Sinara-Development. All facilities should meet uniform stringent quality requirements which compliance is also monitored by the general developer.

Further, the Solnechny is unique thanks to its comprehensive development. Such an approach allows solving the majority of problems topical for other Ekaterinburg areas. Thus, new utility lines using energy-saving technologies are installed in the district. All parking lots are outside yards, while yard areas are intended for children’s playgrounds and athletic grounds. The Solnechny provides for a security system with utilities as well as a district control system.

The design of the Solnechny takes into account all social, recreational and shopping facilities required for living. Its plans include kindergartens, hospitals, schools, a sports-and-recreation center.
A park of 17 hectares in size with a water basin, summerhouses, bicycle lanes is the project’s zest. Almost no district of Ekaterinburg can offer such a vast gree zone built into the city infrastructure.
The fifth part of the district is intended as a retail park: a separate block is to host an outlet, a food hypermarket, and other shopping facilities.