Developer Oleg Cherepanov Won the Main City Award in Architecture

22 november 2017

Developers of projects that made a significant contribution into social and economic development of Ekaterinburg were awarded with V.N. Tatishchev and G.V. de Henning Award.  This is one of the most significant awards established by Ekaterinburg Administration in the recent 20 years.

In 2017, four priority nominations for award were determined: “In Recognition of Achievements in Economics and Urban Economy”, “In Recognition of Achievements in Science, Engineering, Environmental Protection, Culture and Art” and “In Recognition of Achievements in Architecture and Construction”.

As Alexander Yakob, the Head of the City Administration, announced at the Award Ceremony, 27 contributions were submitted for participation in the Contest and “each contribution carried its weight in development of the capital city of the Urals this year”.  Four significant Ekaterinburg projects were included in nominations: “Construction of “Academicheskaya” TPP”, “Comprehensive Design in Antenna Array Control”, “Gifted Children – the Future of Ekaterinburg”, and “Residential Complex Tikhvin Club House”.

Chairman of the Board of Directors at ZAO Forum Group Oleg Cherepanov, General Director of OOO NPC Grazhdanstroy Alexandr Chucha, Director for Design at OOO PSC Dominanta Valery Gurevitch and Deputy Director of OOO “Dvoye” Design Studio Danil Anikin have been awarded for implementation of “Residential Complex Tikhvin Club House” project in nomination “In Recognition of Achievements in Architecture and Design”.

Developers of the Tikhvin Club House managed to beat other 12 projects that claimed the Award.  In nomination “In Recognition of Achievements in Architecture and Design” nominees were: the hotels DoubleTree by Hilton and Tenet, Residential Complex Krylov, Residential Complex Kamenny Ruchej, the Iset Tower, Aurora Business Center, the Alexandro-Nevsky Novo-Tikhvinsky Convent, several schools and gymnasiums.

“Being designed from square one, without any prototypes, 16 years ago back in 2001, Tikhvin is considered a milestone in the market of residential and commercial real estate even today. The success of the project became possible thanks to its team, in the first turn,” mentioned Oleg Cherepanov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “ZAO “Forum-Group”.

Tikhvin Club House is the first upscale residential complex in Ekaterinburg. It occupies an entire quarter in Radishcheva Street – from Khokhryakova to Sacco-i-Vanzetti. And it is still considered to be the most upscale complex in Ekaterinburg. Some of solutions that are widely used nowadays have been used in this house for the first time: the elevator from the entrance hall to parking, own fitness center with a swimming pool, designer entrance lobby, etc. The latest phases of the residential complex were launched in 2015.

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Commemorative medal and  V.N. Tatishchev and G.V. de Henning Award was established in 1998 by resolution of the Head of Ekaterinburg. It became a symbol of public recognition of professional contribution in development of the capital of the Urals and a motivation for new achievements.

Awardee medal was made of neilsilber in the form of a circle and covered with silver, 60 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick. A jugate of the founders of the Urals capital is placed on the face front of the medal with the year of foundation under the portrait. Reverse of the medal shows the skyline of the building of Ekaterinburg City Administration and the words: “In Glory and Profit of the Home City”.

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