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SPARTAKOVETS is a world-class youth hockey academy.

The hockey academy was built in 1964. Spartakovets was founded by the merited hockey coach of the RSFSR Lev Mishin. Over the last 50 years the school has trained several thousand hockey players, many of whom — Vladimir Egoshin, Alexander Astashev, Vitali Kraev, Andrey Martemyanov, Dmitri Popov, Sergey Osipov, Andrey Hazov, and many others — have played for the best professional teams.

Academy's graduates like Alexey Yashin, Vladimir Malakhov, and Nikolay Khabibulin have given a stellar performance in the NHL and the national team, having earned the title of Olympic champions and having become world hockey stars. Every one of them is a Russian and Soviet hockey legend.

The academy's original building was erected by coaches and pupils and out of scrap and improvised materials, literally on pure enthusiasm. Over 50 years, the building has aged and fallen into disrepair. In February 2014 the full renovation started.

The renovation was made possible thanks to the organizational support extended by the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeni Vladimirovish Kuivashev and the chairman of the government of the Sverdlovsk region Denis Vladimirovich Pasler. The Forum Group company has covered the entire range of design and building tasks, including construction supervision. The project was funded by the Forum Group company in association with Malysheva-73, LLC.

As a result, on 2 April 2015, the renovated hockey academy, now meeting the highest standards in sports and build quality, opened its doors to over 400 young hockey players.

The ground floor of the academy houses an ice arena with an area of 2,237 sq.m., 8 fully equipped dressing rooms with showers and direct access to the rink, 7 drying rooms for sports equipment, dressing rooms and premises for officials crews. The first floor houses a field hockey pitch and a weights room.


The youth hockey academy “Spartakovets” (1963)
After complete renovation (2015)

The history of creation of the youth hockey academy Spartakovets began on Kuibysheva st. in 1960. In the spring of 1964, thanks to the efforts of coaches and pupils, the ice rink was moved to 31 Engelsa st., where it can be found to this day.